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Maneka and Varun are in BJP only because of Vajpayee’s compromising politics. Varun had one time put BJP in embrassing condition by making very derogatory remarks against Muslmins.


After winning Parliament election for the second time,he was expecting a place in Ministry. Since he has no proven ability Modi just ignored him. Then his eyes were on UP CM’s chair. He had arranged to put posters of his name much in advance. Modi didn’t care for his pressure tactics.

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Modi must also be remembering Varun’s words of appreciation of Rahul prior to last election. That was an indicator of his inclination towards the party of his father and grandmother. All these facts went against Varun Gandhi. As of now BJP don’t need him and in Congress Rahul don’t want him.

Source : Anil Parulekar, former Chief Engineer at Government (1974-2011)



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