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The drama that has happened over Karnataka elections has left everyone by surprise. In the run up to government formation, a lot transpired in the echleons of power with an almost see-saw like contest taking place since 15 May. However, as what can be deemed one of the most exciting electoral contests in a long time Karnataka elections opened up the possibility for future more specifically the 2019 general elections.

So will the Opposition come together to defeat Modi-Shah?
According to an article published in The Quint, “In the context of the polarised politics of India, it is a significant statement of intent. That politics in India, from a national perspective, has become all about being with Modi and against Modi. In arithmetical terms, the fight is between the 31 percent of India who voted for Modi in 2014 and the 69 percent who did not.The plan, in simple terms, is to capture that 69 percent.”

The Emergence of the Regional Leaders

Whatever we may say about the seeming invincibility of the Modi-Shah combination but Karnataka has also shown how the Congress is unabale to garner a complete majority by its own. Currently, it is in power on its own in only Punjab and one odd north-east state. However, this situation has also made it quite clear that regional parties will be emboldened in the coming elections and hence, the possibility of a coalition is gaining currency from all quarters.

Also, currently all the opposition parties aren’t united and the Congress has a tough task ahead of it to play the role of a master alliance-maker.

The media has come out with its analysis or so it seems at the moment but will the winds of change engulf India in what could perhaps be one of the most exciting general elections? Only time can tell. Till then all we can do is to keep our critical lenses on and keep deciding who are we going to vote for.



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